Providing meals to others

We provide meals and drinks to those that need them and with your generosity we can provide more.

Purchase a pack below and we will do the rest. Also sign up to our updates to follow the journey.

Help Wanted

We want to provide in as many locations as possible so we are on the lookout for helpful food venues (Local sandwich shops, local food businesses) to take on our purchase orders and create something our volunteers can collect and distribute.

If you believe you or your company can help supply food orders or you are an individual or company that can logistically help us cover a wider area then please contact us and see how we can work together ont his important need.


A Big Thank You

Whatever purchase you've made big or small is greatly appreciated. We will try our best to get that individual meal or pack or meals out to everyone in need. Without your purchases we couldn't do this.


Spread the word

Let others know about this site and the work we are trying to do. Share on social media. Tell your friends and family. The more that know about us the better.