Creating this donation site

by Lee Lovell

For those interested in how or why this site came along let me share some information. As someone fortunate enough to play in the domain spare I typically get my ideas for businesses or in this case a not for profit company from what domains I come across for sale. You can maybe see where this is going.

Introducing (org and came later). This domain appeared for sale and I was luckily able to buy it. When I saw it I instantly knew it would have the authority to create a great donation site. Having the exact match domain for what I wanted to acheive (Something simple and quick for people to donate) is great. Next came the local domain to the country I reside in - and then to get that true charity / not for profit view I registered the .org and pointed the other names to it.

Many hours od work later and some slight initial outlay and the company is up and running. The community interest company / NPO is offically registered in the UK. Banks, PayPal, Shopify etc have all helped out with reduced rates so that as much money donated can be used for those less fortunate.

The rush was on to launch before the seasonal period as now is when those affected suffer most.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can share this idea further.

Kind regards